Find out everything about us, where we started from, to how much we have grown over the years. In this section we include a few words about our pride in having the back of our National Team, and how we support them with some of our sports performance and recovery products.

Adding to our pride with the Cyprus National Team partnership, we are delighted to provide the best functional training equipment available around the world, to gyms in Cyprus and surrounding countries. We carefully pick, test and import/export only high quality innovations and tools. Therefore we have to thank our customers in sharing our vision and extending that passion to their own gyms and clients.

Furthermore, for any new customers that don’t know us well, we added a section about our company explaining who we are, what our mission is and what motivates us to do what we do.

Finally, we added a portion with a few words on the brands we represent, to thank them for their dedication on delivering the highest quality products. Their non-stop work on developing the fitness industry shows by all the prestigious awards they have won globally.Ā Ā