This certification-seminar is designed for all Studio- and Personal trainers, Instructors and aeroSling-Enthusiasts that would like to teach and train aeroSling-Training on a professional basis. Ideally you have previous knowledge in the area of aeroSling-Training or at least a sound foundation in the area of Sport & Fitness.

In this seminar our Master-Trainers will show you:

â—¦ What are the basic principles of aeroSling-Training and how to apply them

â—¦ How to install and use aeroSling effectively

â—¦ Which basic techniques are the foundation of aeroSling-Training

â—¦ How to train more focused with aeroSling-accessories

â—¦ Which advanced exercise/techniques make aeroSling-Training even more effective

After completing the 8 hour training you will be certified as an official aeroSling Certified Instructor.

This is the official AEROSLING certification course. This certification course is the prerequisite for certified aeroSling usage in Fitness, Personal and Group trainings. Also, it is the prerequisite for running an Aerosling™ Group Training Program at your facilities.

Philippos Iacovides

Aerosling Master Trainer

Philippos Iacovides is a Lebert Fitness Master Trainer, Aerobis Master Trainer, Blackroll Master Trainer, Ultimateinstability Master Trainer, Functional Training Coach Level 1 Master Trainer and head of PIS Fitness Education. He specializes in Functional Training for better movement and a better physique. He is one of the professionals that followed his passion for sports and fitness from a very early age as he participated in a lot of sports and competitions throughout his career. He is also the owner at FiSt Functional Training Studio and his clientele includes everyone from pros to average joes.