The BLACKROLL® Trainer Education is the ideal education to understand Fascia and it’s importance, product information and how to use, activation and mobility, movement patterning, stability and recovery (Rollout / SMT).

Become a certified BLACKROLL® trainer

Here is your chance to learn how to optimize the fascia and apply functional training methods. Using BLACKROLL® products, we are able to create inspiring and full body training methods that are suitable for people from all ages and sports levels.

The BLACKROLL® Trainer Education is a one of a kind, one-day education program which offers you a great insight into the latest developments in the reach of mobility- recovery and functional training. The training is exclusively accessible to professionals in the reach of health: (sports-) medicine, fitness, physio- and chirotherapy and osteopathy (manual therapy). We developed the training for ambitious individuals who are passionate about health and for those who want to stay on top of their game. The main focus of the training is on myofascial structures in the body, taking a holistic approach, and builds upon functional training essentials.

By means of the education program, we aim to bring together different players in the health and (performance) sports sector, to nurture hybrid knowledge and cross-learning. We strongly believe that connecting and sharing our experiences in the field will make us even more aware of the importance of injury prevention and self-healing through controlled and intelligent movement patterns.

The BLACKROLL® Education concept is based on the latest scientific and medical findings.

The program consists of six essential functional training elements:

◦ Balance + breathing

◦ Dynamic mobilisation (DYNAMO)

◦ Patterning of movement

◦ Stability and strength

◦ Plyometrics

◦ Recovery (rollout | SMR: self myofascial release)

This is the official BLACKROLL Trainer certification course. You will receive the official BLACKROLL® Trainer certificate right after the end of the seminar.

Philippos Iacovides

BLACKROLL Master Trainer

Philippos Iacovides is a Lebert Fitness Master Trainer, Aerobis Master Trainer, Blackroll Master Trainer, Ultimateinstability Master Trainer, Functional Training Coach Level 1 Master Trainer and head of PIS Fitness Education. He specializes in Functional Training for better movement and a better physique. He is one of the professionals that followed his passion for sports and fitness from a very early age as he participated in a lot of sports and competitions throughout his career. He is also the owner at FiSt Functional Training Studio and his clientele includes everyone from pros to average joes.