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FTC Level 1 & ESFT Level 1 – Kuwait: 10-11 May 2020

10 May 2020 at 8:00 am11 May 2020 at 5:00 pm

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Introducing: Functional Training Coach Level 1. FTC Level 1 is a 1-day course that will allow you to master the fundamental Functional Training key elements. This course will provide you with advanced knowledge on how to effectively design a functional training program for different types of target groups like athletes, general population, corporate fitness and many more, as well as physical training for esthetics. You will also learn about different functional approaches like the joint by joint approach to identify weak links and asymmetries and how to correct them, how to set up functional training exercises into the best training program you have ever delivered as well as a hands-on experience on different kinds of exercises for different types of training sessions, providing you with the key to become an expert in our field.


Functional Training Coach Level 1consists of a theoretical and practical part on the following fundamental key elements:

  • Learn the session design of world’s elite coaches: Preparation, Activation, Strength and Conditioning.
  • Learn how to pro- and regress movement patterns for different types of fitness levels – from the beginner to the pro athlete.
  • Learn the basic warm-up strategy – from the beginner to the pro athlete.
  • Learn how to test and assess the basic movements of the human body.
  • Learn how to become a better coach with the ā€œGolden Coaching Circleā€.
  • Learn mini band exercises for correcting and activation drills.
  • Learn how to use different types of Functional Training tools like superbands, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and other basics tools for your new functional training toolbox.


When completing the Functional Training Coach Level 1 you will receive a certificate of attendance, the FTC Level 1 T-shirt and the official FTC Level 1 Training Manual.



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Equipment Specialist in Functional Training Level 1 is a 1-day seminar designed to provide fitness professionals with specialised knowledge on the most essential functional training tools: the Superbands, Minibands, Aeroslings and Kettlebells. This course will allow the participants to gain knowledge on how to implement specific tools to purpose-specific workouts and understand everything around the most used functional training equipment. Participants will experience why the Minibands are ideal for strategic warmups and help on improving mobility and motor control, why the Superbands are extremely versatile to every workout and work as a resistance, assistance or as a corrective tool in specific exercises, why the Aerosling and suspended pulley training offer unmatched possibilities in fundamental movement patterns and how the kettlebells can be used for explosiveness and strength. ESFT Level 1 will allow the participants to expand their functional training toolbox, providing them with a variety of exercise possibilities, progressions and regressions, and help them become an Equipment Specialist in Functional Training.


Equipment Specialist in Functional Training Level 1 consists of a theoretical and practical part on the following fundamental key elements:

  • Learn the most effective warmup strategies with the use of Minibands and how to get your clients ready for every session.
  • Learn the different characteristics of the Superbands, Minibands, Aeroslings and Kettlebells and what makes them so special.
  • Learn different Progressions and Regressions using the Superbands, Minibands, Aeroslings and Kettlebells.
  • Master the basic exercises on all four tools and expand the exercise possibilities for your sessions.
  • Learn how to apply specific exercises according to your client’s goals and provide purpose specific sessions in functional training.
  • Move forward to more advanced exercises and learn how to apply them to specialised sessions, whether working with pros or weekend warriors.


When completing the Equipment Specialist in Functional Training Level 1 you will receive a certificate of attendance, the ESFT Level 1 T-Shirt and the official ESFT Level 1 Training Manual.





Location to be announced – Kuwait City, Kuwait



10 – 11 May 2020



FTC Level 1:

Philippos Iacovides from Nicosia, Cyprus

ESFT Level 1:

Fabien Mpouma from Bonn, Germany



One seminar is available each day. Participants can register to FTC Level 1 (Friday) or ESFT Level 1(Saturday) or both FTC Level 1 & ESFT Level 1 (Friday & Saturday). No other registration is possible.


Phone Support:

International Phone: +35722252705 

Lebanese Phone: +96170519999

Kuwait Phone: +965XXXXXXXX

WhatsApp Phone: +35799787394


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philippos iacovides  

Philippos Iacovides – Cyprus

Philippos Iacovides is a Lebert Fitness Master Trainer, Aerobis Master Trainer, Blackroll Master Trainer, Ultimateinstability Master Trainer, Functional Training Coach Level 1 Master Trainer and head of PIS Fitness Education. He specializes in Functional Training for better movement and a better physique. He is one of the professionals that followed his passion for sports and fitness from a very early age as he participated in a lot of sports and competitions throughout his career. He is also the owner at FiSt Functional Training Studio and his clientele includes everyone from pros to average joes.



fabien mpouma  

Fabien Mpouma – Germany

Fabien Mpouma is the training and education director at Aerobis, a personal trainer and owner of Die Kiste in Siegburg. He is considered to be an expert in the field of Functional Training, sports rehabilitation, a health movement specialist, an A-licence athletic trainer and an A-licence football athletic trainer. Fabien is also a lecturer in varius training institutes like Sportlerei Academy and Academy AHAB. He is also the International Head Trainer for the aeroSling Certification Course, the blackPack Certification Course, Blackthorn Battle Ropes and Heavy Jump Ropes Certification Course and the Revvll Endless Rope Certification Course. With over 10 years of experience as a trainer and a speaker, Fabien belongs to the people who were allowed to turn their passion into a profession and educates himself regularly to be at a peak level of performance.





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 Note: We can only have a limited number of participants. Please register on time as we expect to run out of spots early. 

You will get a certificate of attendance for FTC Level 1 and/or ESFT Level 1, according to your registration.


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10 May 2020 at 8:00 am
11 May 2020 at 5:00 pm


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